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One of the major solutions we provide to our clients is distant learning software which has a virtual classroom, auto-planner, auto-certificate publisher, available to an unlimited number of users, up to date content, and other user-friendly features which are customisable for the special needs of the client.



Imagine an interface and see it on the ground! 

With a motto of treating special to every single client, Ness presents different interfaces even for the same software solution. We have a totally flexible design policy in order to meet our clients' special requests.


All software solutions are designed with a focus to keep operational costs at the lowest level for our clients, keeping the efficiency at the highest level at the same time. Our solutions are also designed and manufactured with an aim to be used for longer periods.


X-ray Simulator is designed with nearly the same features and images as the real x-ray equipment. It has the capability to conduct screen certification exams, introducing everyday items, threat images, and multiple-choice questions. It also has the capability to select a threat item within the image in order for the screener to process the image.

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We have different keyboard and image filter options applicable to your device deployed. We always take into consideration approved and accepted CONOPS of the equipment before setting our training method and material.


We keep our clients up to date regarding new threats with the real and x-ray images of the items. One of the remarkable points related to Ness is that It reviews and amends regularly TIP Images and every day items.

Podcast Training

Ness is holding the title of one of the first "Podcast Aviation Training" service providers with the content and system. The podcast training was introduced first in the UAE for the cabin crew who has to refresh security awareness training in 6 months intervals.

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TIP Data Tool

TIP tool is designed to monitor the real-time performance of the screeners while capturing TIP images during their duties. It also facilitates the quarterly calculated TIP data which are reflected in the screeners in a year. All data are processed in accordance with the ICAO, ECAC, and National Authority Regulations.

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